A basal-line…

So here’s my baseline - July 2019

Diagnosed: October 2012

Therapy: Insulin Pump

Insulin: Novorapid

Courses: DAFNE, Animas Sports Weekend, The School of Hard Knocks

Basal Rates: Three in total.

  1. For absolutely no exercise = TDD = 19.475u

  2. For moderate exercise, or a few days without exercise = 18.95u

  3. For post a big days’ exercise, or after consecutive days of exercise = 18.325u

All have varying doses for through the night to cover lows around 3am, and through the day, but they all keep the same doses for pre-waking to manage significant Dawn Phenomenon. They were set up after last bout of exercising as I discovered Temp Basals, while working throughout the day and night, were leaving me high when my bed-feet hit the floor.

Bolus Wizard:

  • Three different ratios for breakfast and lunch, mid afternoon and dinner.

  • 1u drops 2.5mmol

  • Range 6.5 – 6.5 (this was 6.0 but have changed this week to keep me safer)


  • Currently on Week 5/6 of Couch to 5k but been stuck here for weeks

  • Able to run/walk/run/walk (while puffing on inhaler) for around 2km

  • Regular Pilates goer – aim for 1 to 2 classes a week

  • Have Physio programme for return to running (post bursitis and injuries) and have access to gym


  • Haven’t managed to progress past Week 5/6 without significant hypos

  • Still not quite managing gym sesh without going high or low afterwards – and if I do it’s luck.

  • Not sure 100% what happens with post exercise and how to manage, other than knowing I go super high after a run and gym sessions, and that if I work/sit after exercise sessions I just go high and stay there.

  • Temp basals don’t seem to work well (or I’m not managing them well) as I just end up super high or super low hours later

  • Still, despite trying and trying for several years, I still cannot manage to work out swimming.

  • Keeping on top of things with child, work, and working all this out.